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    Simulate to change

    by ALEXANDRA SIDERI 10/10/2017 12:16 PM BST

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      Simulations of the United Nations and other Institutions, commonly known as "Model United Nations" are particularly popular among youth and the wider age cohort of people involved with academia. The discussions taking place at these conferences, often include SDGs in a rather creative way thus creating small range resolutions that are practically implemented by the participants. An example could be equal gender representation in organizing levels. 

      In order for a person to find a simulation to attend, since there are many per region and different time period, there are several online calendars, listing location, name, and dates for a conference. If to these calendars another column is added where it is mentioned which set of SDGs is being discussed at that conference, then not only data would be easier to collect and track progress but people would have easier access to interactive discussion platforms like the ones offered in simulations. Additionally, there would be wider UN monitoring on these activities, simply by altering two or three online lists, which is very easy to achieve. The reason that simulations can be an effective tool is that they combine the privileges of any high panel with extremely eager to act people on any levels. 

      At the moment, there is not a working demo for this proposal rather than sporadic mentions per simulations in some places of the world. In that way, discussion and proposals could be constantly kept going and the much needed UN support or "seal of approval" to youth activities could be given. Examples of MUN calendars in the link section below.

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      simulations,model united nations,mun


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