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    Prospering on Intangibles

    by Alex Todd 10/13/2017 09:33 PM BST

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      Employers, landlords, lenders, and insurers discriminate against the majority of the world's population with onerous guarantee requirements, simply because they are underemployed or underbanked. We will help everyone demonstrate their reliability and true worth by allowing them to earn a Social Credit Brand and Score as they fulfill everyday commitments to help and reciprocate favours.

      We are developing a universal commitments tracking and recognition system for earning an authentic personal Social Credit Brand and Score in smart contracts on a blockchain that will empower billions of working-age people, particularly the "credit invisible", to prosper despite their earnings by gaining access to employment, credit, housing, and insurance based on the authenticity of their commitments.

      Whereas, currently people are building their credentials from their employment, credit, and insurance histories, our approach allows them to begin building their credentials even before they have had a track record with such institutions. Instead, we are giving people an opportunity to demonstrate their authentic character as a person (rather than as a resource) based on what they stand for (as temporary digital badges), and how reliably they fulfill their commitments (as a rolling Social Credit Score).

      Our commitments tracking and recognition system is a useful tool for helping execute global, regional, and enterprise social policy initiatives, intended to change habits and incentivize sustainable behavior, such as those that support the UN SDGs.

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      social capital,sdgs,prosperity,financial inclusion,commitments,recognition,rewards,incentives,tracking,blockchain


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