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    SDG Colorwheel Portal concept

    by Roger Worme 02/19/2018 08:02 PM GMT

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      Upon download of the HLPF mobile app, the user will be prompted to register via social media logins. Registration can allow access for event registration, event social checkin, alerts/notification settings, etc.

      The homepage/landing page visual should be a rotating SDG color wheel. As the wheel rotates, an enlarged color widget image with description and link appears when an individual color widget is touched. When untouched, the enlarged color widget image disappears, and the SDG color wheel continues to rotate.

      Below is the key expected features, in order of priority, and set of goals to be reviewed in depth that are linked to each of the color wheel widgets: 

      1. Calendar of side events
      2. Calendar of special events
      3. Calendar of official events
      4. Calendar of exhibitions 
      5. General information from the HLPF website
      6. Goal 6 overview
      7. Goal 7 overview
      8. News
      9. Alerts/notifications
      10. Blog entries created at HLPF
      11. Goal 11 overview
      12. Photos/videos using the #hlpf hashtag
      13. Share the meeting that a participant is attending
      14. Access and search HLPF inputs
      15. Goal 15 overview
      16. Search toolbar
      17. Goal 17 overview

      The wheel should also be able to be touched and rotated/scrolled manually left or right to quickly locate one of the 17 widgets quickly. 

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