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    Crafted Luxury

    by Win Wachi 05/07/2019 11:03 AM BST

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      For most people, leaving the house without a bag or purse that fits all the essentials to go through the day (or night) is something inconceivable. Besides being a functional accessory, a bag is also a fanciable item that certainly has the power to make or break an outfit. However, many people tend to wear an arm-piece based mainly for its convenience rather than appeal. This mostly lends to the fact that one can not seem to find the perfect bag, ever! 

      Crafted Luxury seeks to give you ultimate fashion produced in a responsible way. It will involve locals from marginalised communities to intergrate modern bag making techniques with traditional crafts to produce unique bags with materials available locally.

      In the effort of producing the perfect bag, Crafted Luxury will engage buyers by having them "design" their luxury items through a website. (like a 'create your own pizza' but for bags). The buyer will build on to the bag's design by selecting the shape, texture, strap type and other add- ons that they would like on their perfect bag. During the process, the buyer will have a pre-view of how their bag will look like and can adjust their preference as many times as possible before submission of their design. 

      Crafted Luxury will not only custom make a lifelong companion made of locally and ethically sourced premium leather and suedes and quality artisanship, but will also provide the locals with safe work environment and a way out of poverty. 

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