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    in the process of liquefaction

    by arianna smaron 1533064406000

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      How is it possible to understand the society we live in through metaphors and visual language? 

      Zygmunt Bauman, a contemporary sociologist, claims that nowadays we live in the era of uncertainty and Diasporas, in which all the certainties and solids are in a process of liquefaction and change.

      He uses the metaphor of “Liquid modernity”, a simple and powerful image to give an interpretation of the mixture of feelings of the unknown, the consequences of globalization and individualization and migrations that nowadays we have to constantly face.

      By referring to Marx and his famous quote “All that is solid melts into air”, Bauman questions how the development of technologies, transportations, and infrastructures which flourished in the last century and altered our perception of time and space.

      the visual outcome is an investigation of the representation of society through that specific metaphor but it is not a translation of the theory into images. Through the process of experimenting the metaphor is questioned, categorized, sometimes misunderstood, re-thought and re-processed up to the development of a concept of a video installation in which the metaphor is transformed.

      Three are the visual languages that emerged, interacting with time, space and the viewer.  They first go from a macro view of liquefaction, by filming the surroundings in the specific area of Basel Borders (but can be by filming also other realities in which migration and borders are emerging) selected to give an insight of a specific area of examination;  then there is the description of the abstract processes of moving, queuing, waiting, migrating by the use of graphic black and white elements.

      Finally, the micro view is the revelation of the feelings of our time by the action of breaking and manipulating materials.

      This concept can be then applied and selected to represent only the migrations of the individuals by the combinations of the three languages and shown in an interactive website by the possibility to choose and combine new animations.

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      migration, abstraction,movement ,diaspora
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