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    Context Aware Analysis of Cybersecurity Strategies

    by Luke Lefebure 1518992231000

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      My prototype is a single page application that features full text search over all sentences, search autocomplete suggestions from keyphrase extraction, direct links to the original documents, and an ability to view the context paragraph for each sentence. In any analysis tool such as this, I believe it is important to provide the user sufficient context to understand the information displayed. For example, if we show the user a sentence that is interesting to them, they will likely want to see the rest of the sentences in the paragraph and/or link back to the original document. This philosophy drove how I approached the problem.

      The code is designed to be highly modular and extensible with the hope that new features can be quickly added and integrated into the application. For example, sentence classification tags can be added to the processing pipeline, and after being pulled into the application, users can filter by and view these tags.

      The application is missing some of the desired features such as tags for the various categories (Legal Measures, Technical Measures, etc.), but as mentioned above, the code has been designed to be extensible so that these features can be added in easily after training a model. I would have liked to spend more time building out those features, but because I am inexperienced with java-script and frontend development in general, I spent a significant amount of time on that piece unexpectedly.

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