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    globaliD: A Digital Identity Infrastructure to Enable Blockchain-Secured Biometric Attestations

    by Kathleen Sullivan 1515604431000

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      Child trafficking persists in part of the limitations of traditional and non-integrated identification systems. A solution must transcend national borders, as well as provide truly verifiable and immutable attestations of identity. By developing an universal digital identity framework, identities become portable and can be verified by any party authorized to access the data or information about the data. If biometric attestations of identity can be generated and secured on an open, distributed ledger, the identities of children, their families, and any trusted persons can be linked on an immutable record, and provide a direct means to prevent child trafficking.

      globaliD is a blockchain-enabled infrastructure that provides users with a portable and secure digital identity. The system grants each person or subsequent group of people to own names that are a secure, private, and trusted means of controlling one’s permission based conduct and digital assets, and accommodates that any aspect of an identity may be attested to by a third party and secured on an open, distributed ledger for the reference of another party. With attestations of a user's DNA, fingerprints, and trusted relationships, globaliD can be utilized to address child trafficking. Such an application meets the requirements set forth by Blockchain for Humanity as a solution to its Global Challenge in assisting the Government of Moldova and beyond.

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