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    EverID Identity Platform

    by Brad Witteman 1515551880000

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      EverID Introduction:

      EverID built an identity management platform that follows the Principles for Identification for Sustainable Development. We assert that the individual should have control over their own data, and a user has choice over what & with whom he/she shares info. The platform is available to all human beings, encrypted by design and interoperable with other systems. There should be recourse if a user’s rights are violated. Users should be informed and compensated for access to their identity information, and enabled to selectively share data with another party or deny access.

      Verifiable and persistent identity is the foundation of all economic systems. The lack of that identity is a major impediment to service access by the poor and those unable to directly participate in the digital world. Further, by enabling users (and their legal guardians) to control access to their own biometrics on a globally scaled network, EverID endows parents with the ability to report their child as missing, and for participating institutions to find and save those children from harm, trafficking and abuse regardless if the child has a device or not.

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      digital identity for everyone
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