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    SelfControl, by King & Wood Mallesons

    by Hannah Glass 1513930151000

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      Identity is the basis for self-determination and autonomy. It underpins notions of democracy, private property, and access to services.

      Blockchain technology provides the unique possibility to create a digital identity platform independent of any firm or government. This idea of “self-sovereign” identity make sense as an individual has personal control of the unalterable record of their own identity wresting control of their personal information to governments or private entities. It facilitates the fluid movement of individuals without losing their identity.

      Yet recognising blockchain as a solution to digital identity management is only step one on the journey. There is no doubt that blockchain technology and smart contracts have the revolutionary potential. However a fundamental part of implementing any technological solution is understanding the problem to be solved and ensuring the proposed solution is a workable solution to the true problem at hand – facilitating self-determination by giving people full autonomy over their identity.

      To effectively introduce a novel and disruptive digital identity blockchain solution, you need to understand the existing system you are disrupting, and what elements cannot and should not be touched. This requires an appreciation for the complexities of the existing system, including its political and regulatory context, and the fundamental principles which underpin it.

      KWM draws upon its wealth of experience in identifying relationships and risks to not only get versed in, comply with, and operate in, a given regulatory framework, but to also reimagine national and international frameworks so they provide the best possible solution for the people who need them.

      Our experience, expertise and insight with blockchain, digital identity and advising on human rights issues (including human trafficking and modern slavery) gives us a unique perspective on the possibilities and consequences of any potential blockchain solution aimed at preventing child trafficking through identification.

      We have helped clients in the public and private sector in the construction of their blockchain architectures. We have also assisted our pro bono partners with issues associated with modern slavery, including human trafficking. We would be delighted to assist WIN, UNOPS and UN-OICT in the creation of a practical and viable blockchain solution that addresses concerns over the privacy of data and the frameworks needed to be in place for effective digital identity management.

      Digital identity gives the individual SelfControl.

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